Starting as a podcast in March of 2016, The Basement on a Hill has always had a goal of celebrating creativity and the movies we love so much. Now, launching in February of 2017, TBoah Blog continues that goal by offering reviews of movies, TV, music, and books, short fiction, essays, true tales of the dark side, and much more, all with a genre bend. With regular “columns” and daily posts, expect everything you get from the podcast and more.

Editorial Staff

Anthony King (Editor-in-Chief, Podcast Host) @akdonelly

Anthony was baptized into the church of horror by John Landis’s AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and has been a devout follower ever since. After working as a youth pastor for nearly a decade, he is now a stay-at-home dad who writes plays and musicals.

Trey Abel (Let Me Watch That For You) @trey1014

Trey Abel is a musician/horror/videogames/cat enthusiast with a soft spot for corny 80s slashers. You can find him playing shows with his band Let’s Play Monsters, or hanging out with his awesome 3-legged cat Paro.

Jeremy Johnson (Contributor) @babadookonvhs

[Heavy tympani thunders over slow, upright bass] Jeremy Johnson roves the desolate prairies of Omaha with his theatre company, FireBelly Rep. As the uncompromising creative terrain continues to forge him into a vessel for the muses, Jeremy’s tireless scrawling persists to confound and delight.

Elliot Ian Ross (Schlock & Gore) @elliotianross

It has been said that Elliot speaks the wisdom of cosmic shepherds. He is a poet specializing in alienating the audience, and as such will likely fail to ever become a household name. His interests include baby goats, regular goats, evil goats, and ghost goats. His social security number is the sunglasses wearing emoji. Feel free to steal his identity.

Daena Schweiger (Classic Horror, Web Design) @theatretrash

When she is not blogging for TBoaH Daena can be found in one of Omaha’s many local theatres using her performance degree for good rather than evil.

Macaela Sears (Feminist Horror) @macaelasears

Macaela is a lifelong horror enthusiast and lifelong woman.  She holds a degree from Pace University in New York City where she majored in acting and took special interest in women and gender studies and media critique.  She has previously written for environmental and feminist blogs and is thrilled to join the Basement team!

Molly Welsh (Contributor) @boomboxmolly

BoomboxMolly likes sounds and words. She watches too many scary movies, writes creepy plays and sad songs, floats in deprivation tanks, sings backup vocals for All Young Girls Are Machine Guns and designs sound for theatrical productions. She serves as Mother to Ryleigh The Destroyer.