[Review] Alien: Covenant; Ridley Scott Ain’t Done Yet

I am of the camp that found Prometheus to be quite enjoyable – fun, violent, exciting, et al. I am of a subset of said camp that also found the characters of Prometheus to be quite unlikable. Unlike most movies with those types of characters, though, it took nothing away for me. Now look at … More [Review] Alien: Covenant; Ridley Scott Ain’t Done Yet

[Drive-In Double Feature] Embrace the Weird

I propose that you settle in for one of the most awkward nights of your cinematic-viewing life this weekend (after seeing Alien: Covenant, of course). Stepping out of character for a moment, the two movies I’ve chosen for this DIDF have nothing to do with this week’s episode, and they’re both fairly recent films. Both, … More [Drive-In Double Feature] Embrace the Weird