I am never alone. Your ghost is with me always. Watching. Judging. Taking up space. Turning on the television. Making the empty house creak. You should just go. We can’t connect anymore. I can’t see you. I don’t want to. You are dead, but not gone. Haunting. Stalking. I can hear you snarling sometimes. I … More Haunted

Boombox Macabre | Volume 2: Scary Sounds You Hear In The Dark

Crash! shattering glass shouting men wolves howling far away whispers rise out of a deep, low hum the static is not heavy breath in my ear Bam! Bam! gunshots screaming ladies a baby cry over a long ago melody played on a piano with one flat key Ting! Ring! once a message from the dead on … More Boombox Macabre | Volume 2: Scary Sounds You Hear In The Dark

I See You

I saw a monster yesterday. It didn’t want to be seen. It was hiding from me. It was the size of a small child, but white as snow with sunken hollow eyes watching me mouth open kind of smiling drooling. When i saw it, I was angry at someone and in an instant, it appeared. … More I See You

Boombox Macabre | Volume 1: Abduction in the Suburbs

The boombox sits alone on the counter. No one is there to see it Click turn on by itself and auto tune through some advertisements to soft static. Zoom in. The static gets louder… (from outside) Hoot Owl hears the wind first. The leaves ruffle and skip down the street. Sad windchimes play. Approaching footsteps, … More Boombox Macabre | Volume 1: Abduction in the Suburbs

Hallway Ghosts

I miss the ghosts that used to speak to me in the hallway. I used to hear them loud and clear. They would stop me in my tracks with their icy fingers and remind me that they lived there, too. They would whisper sweetly to me. Sometimes they would simply caress me as I walked up … More Hallway Ghosts

Walking Home

I can’t see my feet in this fog. Walking home. Almost dark. I look up and see a Man with a face so thin and long (and ghostly white) I can’t believe my tired eyes. He is holding the wrist of a Lady in a white coat with black gloves. Her mouth is open wide. I … More Walking Home