Schlock & Gore: Satan’s Cheerleaders (1977)

BRIC-A BRAC-A FIRECRACKER SIS BOOM BAH! SATANAS! BANANAS! RAH! RAH! RAH! GOOOOOO CULTS! Have you ever loved something so much that you became its cheerleader? I did it when Conker’s Bad Fur Day came out for Nintendo 64, and I’m doing it right now for Satan’s Cheerleaders.   Coming to us from Greydon Clark, director … More Schlock & Gore: Satan’s Cheerleaders (1977)

Schlock & Gore: EL Gore’s Snuff Tape Anthology (2010-2016)

There are those of you out there that will like this, but if we’re being honest, EL Gore’s Snuff Tape Anthology is a clump of torture shorts that brings nothing new to the table. You’re likely to read that very thing in every review of STA you can find. So, if you like, consider this … More Schlock & Gore: EL Gore’s Snuff Tape Anthology (2010-2016)

Schlock & Gore: Crackbaby Billionaire (2017) (NSFW!)

This isn’t Million Dollar Baby. This is Billion Dollar Crackbaby. While preparing to interview filmmaker John Miller for this blog, I was presented with a link to his most recent film. That film ended up being Crackbaby Billionaire. The link wasn’t working too well at first. On my initial viewing attempt, Crackbaby Billionaire stopped playing … More Schlock & Gore: Crackbaby Billionaire (2017) (NSFW!)